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VISCUS—Global Auction for Human Organs

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e-mail__________ Viscus Address_______________________ Phone___________


1 (E-mail or fax data requested on the VISCUS website re Donor's offer, submitted under the letter-

head of Donor's regional Transplantation Center, to Viscus):

Regional Center's Letterhead

e-mail______________ Phone____________ fax____________

The following Organs are available for auctioning: Please circle letter symbols for organs offered:

H heart L liver RK right kidney LK left kidney RL right lung LL left lung

P pancreas G intestine Other_____________

Donor's clinical, laboratory, and ancillary data, briefly, including Bood & HLA types (A, B, D):

2 (VISCUS to Donor's Transplantation Center): Please confirm and verify the submitted data.

3 (Internet Posting) Please note: Bidding will end 24 hours after posting on this website. A flashing

display indicates that bidding is still open. An example of the Internet Display:

Case No. Date posted Time Posted Donor's Initials Donor's Sex/Age Blood Type HLA Type A,B,D

mo/day/yr: hr./min.

4 (Recipient's Center to VISCUS): Submission of monetary bid.

5 (VISCUS to potential Recipient's regional Transplantation Center): Your Patient's bid wins.

URGENT! A negative tissue cross-match between the donor and the potential recipient must

be accomplished before an organ is procured for transplantation. For the necessary

test a sample of the donor's anticoagulated whole blood will be sent to you immedi-

ately by express delivery to be cross-matched with your recipient's whole blood.

Please inform VISCUS of the result without delay:

Test negative Test positive

6 (If the cross-match is negatve, then VISCUS to Recipient's Center): Please remit as quickly as

possible the amount of your recipient's winning bid to this fiduciary agent: (Name, address, e-

mail, fax, and phone number of a highly respected and internationally acknowledged financial

institution.) Except for the reimbursement of its costs, VISCUS is not directly involved in actual

monetary transactions.

7 (From the Fiduciary Agent to VISCUS): Remittance from Donor (initials_____, Case No._____)

has been received.

8 (VISCUS to Fiduciary Agent): Donor's (initials_____, Case No._____) organ is compatible with

recipient. Pending successful surgery, please prepare to allocate submitted funds in accordance

with the established formula (major fractions to donor's kin, Regional Transplant Centers invol-

ved, and your own escrow fund retained on behalf of the donor's Regional Transplant Center to

enable the Center to bid in the future for needy and indigent recipients.

9 (VISCUS to Donor's Regional Center): The cross-match results with Donor (initials, Case no.)

established organ compatibility. The recipient's Transplant Center has been notified and will

make arrangements with you about procurement of the organ.

10 (VISCUS to recipient's Regional Center): to procure the (name of organ) purchased at auction

from Donor (initials____, Case No._____) please contact (name, address, e-mail, fax,

and phone no. of Donor's auctioned organ) to arrange for procurement.

Please Note: Inform VISCUS immediately if the purchased organ fails to function or is in some

way unsatisfactory after implantation,--and include documentation of all pertinent details. In

such a case you will receive gratis the next available suitable organ submitted for auction.

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