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We The People

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Long ago Mark Twain warned us of an errant government stripping the people of their inalienable natural rights when he said:

"The trouble with us in America is that we have not learned to speak the truth. We have thrown away the most valuable asset we have---the individual right to oppose both flag and country when by one's self we believe them to be in the wrong."

Fortunately, we the people have the "cure" for this malady, and we have had it all along since the Constitution was written. It's not a medicament, but a powerful abstraction know as the Ninth Amendment, create by Representative James Madison who insisted that it be included in the Bill of Rights.

Unfortunately (and tragically) that powerful Amendment has been buried in deep obscurity like a sinister secret since it was adopted; and as if intimidated, the entire legal profession and timid constitutional scholars have acted like employees of the Tyrant (my name for the government) to keep "we the people" unaware of the Ninth's existence, using weak, almost senseless "arguments" to impugn the Amendment's wording and overall meaning.

Let's look at that carefully composed, simple wording of only 21 words.

"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, share not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

That's plain English which any high school or college student could understand! The legal scholars say that Madison's working is "murky" and conveys an undecipherable, hidden meaning. On the contrary, it is very clear, and you students would probably rewrite it like this:

"The fact that some rights are specifically list in the Constitution does not mean that one cannot refuse to acknowledge the fact that countless unwritten inborn rights are still kept by the people, and such unwritten rights must not be belittled or ridiculed." JK

1. That meant women and African-Americans always had the right to vote!

2. That also means that anyone may marry anyone that they want to marry!

3. That also means that end-of life issues belong to the individual not the government!

Madison realized that all natural rights could not be specifically listed in the Constitution, and he created the Ninth Amendment to cover all future contingencies. And "maintained by the people" means "kept by the people," life long, since birth. Use of the Ninth spells doom for the


A determined Tyrant will not forsake his complex plan, the possible reasons for which we will consider a little later. He will continue with clever deception based on incredibly brazen lying, on a hopelessly flawed public educational system, and abetted by the shameful neglect of this vital issue by the Federal and State courts, including the corrupt and incompetent U. S. Supreme Court. (How could the have recently given corporations "individual rights?" Law school faculties are equally culpable.

Finally, lax legislators aid the cabal by enacting statutes that obviously infringe the Ninth Amendment, the highest law in the land, thereby stifling access of physicians and patients to their inherent right with respect to physician aid in dying. What egregious hypocrisy in a supposedly democratic and "free" state!

Another flaw favoring the Tyrant's manipulation (some would say shredding) of the Constitution is misguided faith in the amendment process. Jefferson want "we the people" about this:

"Amendments to the Constitution ought to not be too frequently made . . . Continually tinkered with, it would lose all its prestige and dignity, and be lost sight of altogether in a short time."

Of the current 27 amendments only seven would have been necessary if the corrupt Supreme Court had invoked the "we the people's" invincible power Madison put into his yet unused Ninth Amendment. In fact, it is rarely mention in court brief and cursory discussions.

An exception was the case of Griswold v. Connecticut before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1964, in which at least three justices agreed that the unenumerated right to privacy is indeed found in the Ninth Amendment. But the latter was ignored in the Court's decision. This neglect of the Ninth Amendment was and still is purposeful, because it is absolute anathema to the agenda of the cabal now in control of what America is becoming—a sham democracy promulgating the outrageous lie that its mission is to democratize the world.

Savvy George Bernard Shaw also knew this: "From our earliest years we are taught that our country is the land of the free. I hold with Hitler that our political democracy is a lie. All government is authoritarian, and the more democratic a government is, the more authoritative it is; for with the people behind it, it can push its authority further than foreign despots dare do."

"We the people" are extremely for Madison's dogged genius has provided the means of escaping form the current creeping enslavement. The is not need to imitate the suffragettes' tragic ordeal with the fruitless and painful street marches carrying easily ignored posters, supplieant and degrading sit-ins, and police beatings.


0 #1 Julie InYourFaceNewYorker 2011-05-16 21:48
How about the right for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender children as well as children with Asperger's Syndrome (or any "anomaly"-- name it) to go to school and NOT get bullied? How many kids are going to hang themselves in stairwells or closets or shoot themselves in the head before the school takes their complaints seriously instead of repeating the mantra, "Kids will be kids" or "Bullying is a right of passage?"

Indeed, this right to not be bullied is one that is violated far too often (ONCE is too often!) and adults often tell these kids to try to fit in better. No. NO! The right thing to do is to empower these kids to stand up for themselves and embrace who they are and be proud of their non-conformity. And if a teacher says that the kid is bringing bullying upon him/herself and that other kids have the right to act the way they do in response, the moral thing is to stand up and say, "NO YOU DO NOT!" rather than pretending to be someone ya ain't!


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