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Welcome to these Kevorkian Papers dedicated exclusively to Truth. Although most of us are compelled to distill truth from a farrago of bewildering propaganda heaped upon us by our "free" press, lying media, and less than moral government. The result thus far has been a devastating development of a bogus democracy and creeping enslavement of an industrious people who thinks it is actually free.

This is not the accidental consequence of historical evolution, but instead an astonishingly well executed, extremely complex, fundamentally malicious plan aimed at enslaving all human beings on earth, a very strictly secret, genteel tyranny by, and for, the benefit of what Toynbee called a universal state. It is most likely cabalistic in form, character, and behavior, and unlike any of the secret societies and cults, the essence of which some of the public believe they understand. The real purpose of the cabal I have singled out is radically different and moot.

Hereafter I will refer to that unknown and unidentifiable covert menace as "Tyrant" whose identity may never be known; and to talk of trying to unmask it may be dangerous and even lethal. The Tyrant's chief "weapon" is instilling fear and apprehension of a threat of some kind of terrible social upheaval, such as war or economic depression, so that his presence will always be felt, often vaguely, even subconsciously, in our daily lives to let us not forget that some sinister but unknown power is still in complete control to thwart the possibility of what the Tyrant most fears: unification of a cognizant and aroused We The People (WTP) in demanding their natural rights,---the only force which can foil his nefarious plan, despite the fact that His power is greater than that of the president, Congress, and Supreme Court combined.

That control extends far back, to the discovery of the New World. It was essential to the Tyrant's plan, which entailed substantial financial backing for the American Revolution, backing that ostensibly came from continental Europe, especially France. There is no reason to doubt that the cabal was established and headquartered somewhere in Europe at that time, and that many of its members were wealthy plutocrats who were in control of most commerce and industry in their respective countries and could easily supply the necessary funds. Equally doubtless for the cabal was the prospect of taking control of the huge, newly discovered pristine continents of the New World, part of which could serve as a base of operations to be developed specifically to assure success of their aim of systematically becoming the secret slave master of the earth's entire human population. Later I'll discuss probable reasons for pursuing such a goal.

As already mentioned, powerful propaganda was a most effective means of achieving that goal. The noted historian Arnold Toynbee clearly explained how the impact of democracy upon education showed how what he called "press-lords" could reap huge sums of money by providing idle amusement for the now mollified half-educated masses. Modern dictators also perceived this, deposed the press-lords, and substituted equally crude and debased systems of state propaganda, reinforced by radio, and now especially TV for the mass enslavement of the semi-educated minds to be controlled by them. Even Attila the Hun made use of this ploy by developing a simple kind of propaganda that entailed sending out some of his men to mingle with villagers and terrorizing them with grisly stories of cruelty if and when an attack came; and the frightened people often gave up before a battle. Effective indeed!


0 #4 Katie 2011-06-05 09:51
Would anyone like to have a private conversation about who they think this "Tyrant" might be?
0 #3 Katie 2011-06-05 09:50
Would anyone like to have a private discussion on who they think this Tyrant might be?
0 #2 Julie InYourFaceNewYorker 2011-05-21 12:44
I am not sure that the government is involved in a conspiracy to enslave us but I do know that it is corrupt.

I hate the government.

I hate that it cuts funds to libraries, schools, etc. I hate that it gives tax breaks to corporations and allocates funds to oil companies while people at the bottom are homeless, unemployed, or both. I hate that because of the funding cuts I am about to lose my job. I hate that my unemployment insurance will be only about $400 per MONTH and that I'll be screwed if I don't find a new job quickly.

I hate that when I go to job interviews I am asked where I am going to be in five years. I don't know where I'm going to be in five minutes, let alone five years. I'm struggling to survive, to keep my head above the water. For all I know I could get hit by a bus in five minutes and die. I am tired of lying at job interviews, and people usually can tell when I'm lying because I'm bad at it and hate doing it.

0 #1 Julie InYourFaceNewYorker 2011-05-16 21:54
Some very good points made here, others I'm not sure I agree with. Either way, the US government has more problems than many people are aware of. When that nasty little weasel Bush was in office, people on television (usually in the Bible Belt, but of course it could happen anywhere) would say things like, "He's fighting for our freedom."

Freedom? Really? Blowing up a little country like Iraq is fighting for our freedom? Are we Americans really that egocentric? I find it interesting that NYC got hit with 9/11 and yet we New Yorkers seem to have been (from my experience anyway) among the most skeptical about that chimpanzee Bush being our protector. And out in Nebraska or whatever they were scared to death. Of what? Of Iraq blowing up their corn fields? As if Iraq had anything to do with 9/11 to begin with???

How long has this page been around, and I'm the only one posting here? Hot damn!


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