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Welcome to The Kevorkian Papers

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Welcome to these Kevorkian Papers dedicated exclusively to Truth. Although most of us are compelled to distill truth from a farrago of bewildering propaganda heaped upon us by our "free" press, lying media, and less than moral government. The result thus far has been a devastating development of a bogus democracy and creeping enslavement of an industrious people who thinks it is actually free.

This is not the accidental consequence of historical evolution, but instead an astonishingly well executed, extremely complex, fundamentally malicious plan aimed at enslaving all human beings on earth, a very strictly secret, genteel tyranny by, and for, the benefit of what Toynbee called a universal state. It is most likely cabalistic in form, character, and behavior, and unlike any of the secret societies and cults, the essence of which some of the public believe they understand. The real purpose of the cabal I have singled out is radically different and moot.

We The People

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Long ago Mark Twain warned us of an errant government stripping the people of their inalienable natural rights when he said:

"The trouble with us in America is that we have not learned to speak the truth. We have thrown away the most valuable asset we have---the individual right to oppose both flag and country when by one's self we believe them to be in the wrong."

Fortunately, we the people have the "cure" for this malady, and we have had it all along since the Constitution was written. It's not a medicament, but a powerful abstraction know as the Ninth Amendment, create by Representative James Madison who insisted that it be included in the Bill of Rights.

Unfortunately (and tragically) that powerful Amendment has been buried in deep obscurity like a sinister secret since it was adopted; and as if intimidated, the entire legal profession and timid constitutional scholars have acted like employees of the Tyrant (my name for the government) to keep "we the people" unaware of the Ninth's existence, using weak, almost senseless "arguments" to impugn the Amendment's wording and overall meaning.

Taboo or Not Taboo?

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When people inquire as to what kind of work I do, I reply, "bioethical research." Their usual reaction is another perplexed, often tacit question: "What in the world is that?"

How can one define ethical research, or is there such a thing to begin with? For most, if not all, of our current horde of "bioethicists" and their hastily contrived hospital ethics committees, that kind of research boils down to hair-splitting pedantry over clich├ęs arbitrarily consecrated into sacred maxims--- In short, no talk of anything smacking of taboo or threatening to "rock the societal boat."