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Between the Dying and the Dead
When the People Bubble POPs
Prescription Medicide: The Goodness of Planned Death
60 Minutes Interview - Jack Kevorkian (June 3, 2007)
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60_minutes_cover60 Minutes Interview - Jack Kevorkian (June 3, 2007)  Airdate: 06/03/07 In 1998, Dr. Jack Kevorkian appeared on 60 Minutes and showed Mike Wallace a videotape of him giving a lethal injection to a man with Lou Gehrig's disease -- a man who said he wanted to die. That tape put Kevorkian in prison for murder for 8 years, and on the day he was released he talked again with Wallace. Kevorkian said that although the conditions of his parole do not allow him to assist a person considering suicide, he will work for the cause in other ways.


0 #1 Julie InYourFaceNewYorker 2012-03-23 19:52
what about his other, long-forgotten books?

The Story of Dissection
Medical Research and the Death Penalty
Slimmeriks and the Demi-Diet
Beyond Any Kind of God

I've read all of his books in some form. All of them are great except for "When the People Bubble POPs" which just made me facepalm.

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